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Resource page to help you find contact details to apply for BT jobs with BT Openreach, Telephone Engineers apprenticeships and some of the BT Contractors to help you apply for BT Engineer Jobs and find work in the telecom industry.

BT Jobs – list of BT Contractors telecommunication engineers and contact details vs freelance

If you are seeking to work for British Telecom or one of it’s contractors, please click here British Telecom Jobs

If being self employed is more appealing, or you are a retired BT Engineer and you already have the correct Telephone Engineer skills, enjoy being your own boss, were trained to BT standards, care about the service you delivered, and like to do a good tidy job please read on…

Ex BT Telephone Engineers who have left BT and wish to carry on working on a self employed basis

BT JobsI have a number of websites that offer customers an alternative to using their own Service Provider for telephone wiring alteration jobs, or to repair existing sockets or phone systems. More and more people search online for Independent Telephone Engineers services, to save money, time and frustration. Customers of large Telephone Service Providers are often advised to find an Independent BT trained Engineer if there’s a problem after the Master Socket in their own premises.

These websites were set up initially for my own use, to provide work for myself in my own area. Many Ex BT Engineers have contacted me taking an interest in continuing to use their own skills carrying out the BT jobs they loved to do for so many years. Some engineers have taken redundancy, a few are still employed and thinking about taking it, wondering whether to jump. I certainly have no regrets, and hope that my success inspires current employees to consider other options. Retired BT Engineers with many skills can now work part time for me, and there’s a form further down this page if you are interested.

Self Employed? Join my growing list of Ex BT Engineers and Telecommunications Engineers across the country-free!

Now I have a growing number of Ex BT Openreach Phone Engineers on file ready to take on jobs in various locations around the UK. Each independent telephone engineer sets their own rates and deals directly with the customer. I don’t employ them or take direct responsibility for their work, they simply give me a ‘finder’s fee’ of £10 for every successful lead, or job they complete, using Bank Transfer for ease and quickness. The rest of whatever you charged the customer is yours.

I recently had a great message of success from a guy I supply with work.

He told me, “Because of the work you have passed to me I have just brought myself a new van to use. Thanks for making it possible!”

I’m no ‘big fish’ yet, but to discover that I made a positive impact to someone else’s life felt really good. The driving force behind my passion and motivation is this – to take my business to the next level for customers, offering everyone who calls a great ‘one stop’ solution, and a level of customer care, sadly missing in these times. I would like to provide work for others with the correct skills and background, to enable them to put all they learnt back to good use.

I provide an excellent level of service

Crucial to maintaining a high quality of service is keeping in contact with customers. This includes basic things such as ringing ahead, listening to customers when discussing the best solution, walking them around to show them the finished job,  making sure they are happy with all aspects and standards of work carried out by myself or other engineers. Before leaving site it is important to test and demonstrate the line working correctly. This approach is fundamental to reducing repeat visits, which are costly to the engineer and the customer. Getting it right, first time is in everyone’s interest, and ensures that my company is recommended to others.

I only refer work to Ex BT Engineers keen to provide an excellent standard of service in a professional manner. I want the end user to have an excellent experience, every time, when a member of my team visits to rectify a problem or provide extra equipment. Good customer facing skills are essential too. At BT I know the job training was very good, so Ex BT Engineers will have the essential correct skills and mindset.

If you would like to be included on my list for work local to you, I need to take some details from you. Please read my ‘Have I got What It Takes?’ page to make sure you are the right person for this role.

Short Application Form

Please fill in a short application form below, and provide me with some basic information. Once you have done that, I will shortly be in touch and add you to my team if you are happy for me to do so.

It is impossible to estimate the number of jobs available to you – as each day varies in demand and location. I do, however rank high on Google for ‘Telephone Engineers’ and as more people continue to use my services and give a positive response, I need to be able to expand to cover a wider area.

Ex BT Jobs Application Form

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Preferred work location - central ideal place to work, and approximate radius in miles that you wish to cover. (required)

Training Overview

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YOU AGREE to pay me £10 'Finders Fee' on completion of each job (required)

Your experience:

Are you confident to identify and clear broadband faults in the home or small business in a timely manner?

Are you happy running internal or external cable to a quality standard?

Can you fault find or program switchboards or telephone systems? Specify which models

Please indicate that you are happy to pay me a ‘Finder’s Fee’ of £10 for each successful lead. Payment within 1 week of completing the work, preferably by using electronic banking, or by cheque.

Simply type ‘Yes’ in the box below if you agree to this basic, mandatory requirement.

Many thanks for your submission.

Geoff Grove

I left my BT Job after 23 years of service as a Customer Service Engineer ‘up poles and down holes’. I paid a friend to teach me how to write and optimise websites. This has opened up incredible doors for me, enabling me to work in new ways and situations that I never imagined possible. Work has never been so enjoyable or rewarding, and I love it!

Thanks for your time and interest, and I wish you every success in achieving your goals!

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With any information you think will assist others looking for BT Jobs or work in the Telecommunication Engineer industry. Information is constantly being updated.